Our Wait List Policies 

You've come to the right place if you want to apply for a garden plot at either McLaughlin Meadows Community Garden or Riverside Community Garden!

If you have filled out an application form for previous years and have not yet been assigned a plot please be patient.  You have been carried forward onto the current years wait list.

If you want a plot in one of the gardens please fill out the form below. Then fill in the Captcha challenge section so that we know you're a real human being... and hit the submit button. The application is time stamped, so we'll hold your place in line!

We find e-mail the easiest means to contact new gardeners (hopefully you do too...), so if you have email please provide your email address. If you don't... that's okay. A few of our great gardeners don't email, so we'd be more then happy to phone you instead.

Wait List Application

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Returning Gardeners Have Priority

Starting in September returning gardeners will have the chance to renew their garden plots for the subsequent year. An email will go out towards the end of August with details about that.

Gardeners will have until October 31 to renew. After that, plots that have not renewed will be offered to people on our wait list in the order the applications were received.  

Early in March we will be contacting those on the wait list to assign available plots.

When Will I Find Out Whether I Get a Garden Plot?

For each new gardening season our wait list includes people who applied for plots in previous years and did not get a plot. Those people will be higher on the wait list may still want a plot this coming season.

Our current gardeners have until October 31 to confirm whether or not they are returning. After that day we will start contacting those on the Wait List by email and telephone.

We will email you or phone you after Oct 31st to offer you a plot.  If you decline, we will move on to the next person on the list.   

There is no guarantee that you will receive the plot type or garden location as requested (McLaughlin or Riverside / raised or ground); but we'll do the best that we can to satisfy your plot requests.  Plots are received in the condition as is.... some plots have had more attentive care than others.

Hopefully everyone who wants a garden will be able to get one. But if you don't please come to the garden anyway and enjoy just being there. Our Food Forest sections of both gardens are there for the whole community to enjoy and harvest. There's not much of a harvest yet, but in a few years... So keep in touch!

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Plot Fees for 2022

Fees for a garden plot for 2022 are $50. Once you have a garden plot you can continue to garden there provided you are a member in good standing and pay your annual plot fees.

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