Past Newsletters of the High River Garden Society

Our newsletter is called 'The Rhisome'.  Here is the story of it's existence as a newsletter named after a flawed edit.

One of the Society's members contacted me the other day, and notified me that I had spelled 'Rhisome' incorrectly on the newsletters.  I took a moment and looked at the word, did a Google search, and checked the botany texts.  Sure enough....I had spelled it wrong.

I was distraught....mortified!!!!  I had published two newsletters with a namesake that didn't exist in the English language!!

I did however, stare at it long enough to see something quite beautiful in my error.  'Rhisome' is an anagram for 'Heroism'.  It was one of those synchronistic moments of awe.  It was at that point that I decided the newsletter could accommodate a blaring spelling error, and that the image of quack grass that heads and foots our newsletter is appropriate.

Mature quack grass plants grow roots, feed and nurture the younger plantlets at rhizome nodes, and extend their realm of influence (at an annoyingly tenacious and fast rate of pace mind you!!). 

I think it's important that everyone performs a little heroism now and again...

Please enjoy reading through our seasonal newsletters.

Nathan Webb

Spring 2021

Autumn 2021

AGM 2022

Spring 2022

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