Plot Renewals - Deadline to Renew - Feb 15th

If you currently have a garden plot at either McLaughlin Meadows or Riverside, you have first priority to renew your plots for the upcoming garden season.

Starting in September returning gardeners will have the chance to renew their garden plots. An email will go out towards the end of August with details about that.

Those of you wanting to renew your plot for the upcoming year have until February 15th, to do so.  To renew your plot you need to contact your garden manager. After that, plots which have not renewed will be offered to those on the Wait List.

Non refundable payment can be made with cash or by cheque to the High River Garden Society and delivered to your garden manager.

The Board will set fees shortly once we have our year end water bills, and projected maintenance costs.  Existing gardeners have first priority to renew their plots.

Gardeners will receive the same plot.  Any existing gardeners wishing to change plots, or the type of plot, or change location from Riverside to McLaughlin, or vice versa, will have first option over new gardeners.   Please contact your garden manager to discuss your desire to change plots and indicate this on your renewal form.  This option is dependent on availability. Any changes in plot allocation will be confirmed in early March.

Gardeners may indicate a partner gardener on their application form.  If the gardener gives up their plot during the season or chooses to not renew the next season, the partner gardener will have first option for this plot. If there is no partner gardener listed and the original gardener gives up the plot, it will be considered available to the wait list.

Early in March we will be contacting those on the wait list to assign available plots.

New Gardener? Deadline to Secure you Plot -  March 31st

If you have been contacted by the manager and offered a plot, please drop off your cash or cheque made out to High River Garden Society by March 31st. You can drop this off to your garden manager.

Our water costs fluctuate dramatically from year to year based on temperature and seasonal rains (and their timing).  We also pricing in the inevitable maintenance costs associated with the gardens infrastructure over the coming years.  We have been monitoring our water usage at the meter yearly in an attempt to gauge if their are leaks in our system, and to guage if third parties are using our water.  This was the case in 2017 when faulty fittings ruptured, and a contractor used the hydrants to fill watering trucks to establish plants on the SW berm.

We hope we can hold the line of plot fees at $50 but we still have ongoing water issues.

What If You Want a Different Plot?

Gardeners will receive the same plot as they had last year. If you had a plot last year and want to change plots, or change the type of plot, raised to ground or visa versa for example, you will have first option before new gardeners.

If you do want to change please let your garden manager know. The option to change is subject to availability and will be finalized in early March.

After February 15th...

After February 15th any unclaimed plots will be offered to those on the Wait List.

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