Jackie Bantle's Presentation
Tips For First Year Gardeners (and a refresher for others).

We are grateful for Jackie Bantle's content rich presentation from the University of Saskatchewan.  Please note that the University of Saskatchewan offers a fantastic distance education program called the Prairie Horticultural Certificate that covers all of these topics in much greater depth, as well as additional topics including IPM strategies, arboriculture, turfgrass, landscape design, etc.  We highly recommend it to anyone with a life long love of gardening!!!

1) Location and Soil Basics

2) Crop and Seed Selection

3) Transplants

4) Fertility and Compost

5) Spring Prep, Watering, Weeding

6) Cool Season Crops

  1. Cool Season Crops 1 (alphabetical)
  2. Cool Season Crops - Brassicas
  3. Cool Season Crops - Potatoes

7) Warm Season Crops

8) Perennial Vegetables

9) Commonly Seen Garden Diseases

10)Common Garden Pests

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