Dr. Tom Yates' "Soils: Things you wanted to know; but, would rather have people think you were normal, so you didn’t ask."

The garden Society was honoured to have Dr. Tom Yates from the University of Saskatchewan present a deeper dive into soils.  The presentation covers a wide range of topics that will give you a much more complete understanding of what is happening in any of the soils you encounter while gardening and landscaping, and we hope you can use this information to better manage the dynamic gardening media you encounter in your gardens.

Please note that the University of Saskatchewan offers a fantastic distance education program called the Prairie Horticultural Certificate that covers all of these topics in much greater depth, as well as additional topics including IPM strategies, arboriculture, turfgrass, landscape design, etc.  We highly recommend it to anyone with a life long love of gardening!!!

1)Soil:  What is it?, Soil forming factors, horizons and structure, and soil textures.

2)Soil types and classes

3)Soil composition, porosity, crusting, and amendments

4)Trees and tree selection

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